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Walk Ride Blackley publish open letter to councillors

Walk Ride Blackley have prepared and submitted a petition for safer pedestrian access as part of an open letter to local councillors, along with community-led plans to highlight the issues that need attention.

The letter, which is addressed to the nine local councillors who are elected to improve the area in question, states the following:

Improve pedestrian access from Blackley Village to Rochdale Road

To whom it may concern:

As residents of Higher Blackley and Charlestown wards we kindly ask you to consider to improve pedestrian access from Blackley Village, namely Old Market Street towards Rochdale Road/Boggart Hole Clough and the Bus Stop Charlestown Road.

Along this above-mentioned route pedestrians have to cross busy roads at least three times – of which two crossings are neither designated nor protected.

Please see enclosed a map with dangerous crossing points indicated.

Diagram showing a community demand to Pedestrianise access to Rochdale Road Boggart Hole Clough from Old Market Street in Blackley
Diagram showing a community demand to pedestrianise access to Rochdale Road Boggart Hole Clough from Old Market Street in Blackley

We kindly ask you to professionally review the safety, functionality and accessibility for pedestrians of all ages and abilities and improve footpaths and road crossings accordingly – with a specific focus on:

– Crossing Middleton Old Road (to access Rochdale Road from Old Market Street)
– T-Junction Rochdale Road/Charlestown Road (safe access to Bus Stop Charlestown Road and Boggart Hole Clough)

We thank you for your consideration and look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,
Blackley and Charlestown Residents and WalkRide Blackley

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