About Us

Walk Ride GM campaigns to make walking, cycling and other active travel modes the natural choice for journeys across Greater Manchester. We do this by:

  • Campaigning and putting pressure on our political leaders to deliver what they have set out in their strategies
  • Supporting the actively engaged in our local communities; encouraging and empowering them to act

Campaigning and lobbying

We lobby GM’s authorities at the local and city regional levels to inspire progress and positive change. Our approach is to build bridges and act as a critical friend, while providing visioning and defining targets that encourage authorities to enact their own policies. To find out about our activities and the latest active travel news from Greater Manchester, you can find our blog here. You can also find out more about our 2024 campaign priorities.


We support residents to respond to consultations to strive for progress and positive change in our areas. We do this by raising awareness of the consultations as they emerge from the region’s local authorities, and providing reasoned responses as prompts and to help our supporters to raise key points. We also respond directly to a number of local and regional consultation exercises. Our members attend consultation events across highways and development management schemes and ensure that our goals are represented at all stages.

Local groups

We support local groups across the region, all campaigning to make their areas better for people living, working or moving around. Information on our local groups can found here.

If you’re interested to find out more or getting involved with an existing or new local subgroup, then drop us an email at hello@walkride.org.uk.