Why Active Travel?

Health – Haematologist Patrick Carrington describes here why active travel is so important for our health

This video also highlights the health warning that should come with private car ownership:

Mental Health – studies show a strong positive relationship between exercise/cycling and fewer days of poor mental health and lower mental health burden, including this one by Avila-Palencia et al (2018), which concludes that:

“Association between transport modes and health was assessed in seven European cities.

Bicycle use had the most robust beneficial health effects throughout all the analyses.

Positive health effects of walking came up after adjusting for all transport modes.

Active transport should be encouraged to improve population health and social outcomes,”

…and this one shared by Salford Mayor Paul Dennett

Social Justice Our article looks at the social justice issues around public transport capacity, car financing and pollution of inner-city communities, with particular relevance to COVID-19 distancing conditions

Climate Emergency – to follow


Car-Free, 20-Minute City Centre

WalkRide GM is part of the team that has been working with Creative Concern’s Steve Connor on a vision for a car-free city centre in which everything you want is about a 20-minute walk away.

In Steve’s words: “Imagine a city centre where you can get anywhere easily and safely. Where you can hear birdsong and breathe clean air. Where green spaces nestle  amongst beautiful heritage and architecture. Where business, education and people flourish.”

“This city is within our grasp: it’s called Manchester.”

“We’ve decided to call this the twenty minute city. Inside the inner ring road encircling Manchester City Centre and skirting City Centre Salford, everything you want is about twenty minutes walk away, or even less depending upon your level of mobility.”

Read more here.