Campaigning for walking, wheeling and cycling across Greater Manchester

We believe active travel should be the natural choice for short journeys.
  • Are you among the thousands across Greater Manchester who responded to the 2020 Government consultation process in favour of a London-style pavement parking ban across the rest of the country?
  • Do you regularly use pedestrian crossings and wonder why you’re waiting minutes in the rain for dry drivers in cars to go past?
  • Are you one of the 35% among us who cycle to get around – or one of the 30% among us who don’t currently cycle but would like to?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

Our priorities

Yellow double decker number 8 Bee Network bus at a bus stop in central Manchester, heading to Bolton.

Bee Network

A mother with two primary school age children, all cycling along a leafy residential road with no cars in sight.

School Streets

The left of the image shows High Street in central Manchester with one car driving down it. The right of the image shows a crowd of people walking in single file along a very narrow pavement.