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Streets Brought to Life by Daily Exercise During Lockdown

Our streets are seeing unprecedented life, as the drop in car traffic has led to a greater confidence among people to use active travel modes, including families teaching children to ride on the roads.

The current conditions follow legislation issued by the government to curb all unnecessary trips, while promoting daily exercise through the types of activity that can enhance people’s immune systems, such as walking, running and cycling.

People are even getting creative with their choice of daily exercise:

The question now is whether we can find ways to prevent our streets from falling back into the previous status quo of air and noise pollution, congestion, bullying and intimidation.

We can do this by seizing the opportunity to implement temporary measures that prevent rat running and enable active travel, similarly to the great initiatives happening across the world. You can write to your local councillor to voice your support for lost-cost, quick-win schemes using cones or planters that allow access to people, while stopping drivers from rat running.

If you’d like to get involved with your Walk Ride local group, then contact and follow us via social media.

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