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Streets for People Publishes Explainer of Latest Neighbourhood Improvement Scheme Designs

Southeast Manchester community group Streets for People has published its response to the proposed permanent neighbourhood improvement scheme measures revealed by Manchester City Council (MCC) in December 2021.

The group’s helpful guide assesses each subsection of the scheme boundary and offers considerations of what’s good, what needs to be tweaked, and what’s missing with the aim to assist neighbours with their representations to the council.

Having been divided into separate phases for recent consultations – including the Levenshulme section benefitting from a live trial consultation to allow residents and road users to experience the measures firsthand – the latest stage of the Active Neighbourhood programme sees Levenshulme and Burnage considered as a whole again.

In addition to the retention of the 14 modal filters implemented during the live trial, the proposed improvements in Levenshulme would also see measures including footway continuity and bus stop bypasses on Matthews Lane; reclamation of street space for pedestrians and raised tables on Broom Lane; toucan crossing over the A6 at Arcadia; continuous footway across Cromwell Grove at the A6 junction; and more.

The key measures for Burnage include two ‘CYCLOPS‘ (‘cycle optimised’) junctions – at the currently uncontrolled junctions of Moseley Road/Slade Lane and Burnage Lane/Grangethorpe Drive/Crossley Road – along with modal filters proposed for Milwain Road and Linden Park to prevent rat running driving, and raised tables and continuous footways along Grangethorpe Drive.

Formed following the takeover of the Active Neighbourhood project by MCC, Streets for People Levenshulme and Burnage has pushed for safer streets in the area by supporting the neighbourhood improvement scheme and running related campaigns including informing against antisocial parking.

The consultation remains open for comments until 24 January 2022 – have your say via the following link: Levenshulme and Burnage Low Traffic Neighbourhood Consultation
Plans are available to view and download here: Levenshulme and Burnage Consultation Maps

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