Do you think cycling in Greater Manchester should be:

  • Safer?
  • Easier?
  • More accessible?
  • Just generally less rubbish?
Many cyclists and pedestrians of all ages smiling proudly on a filtered road in Central Salford. Sign on wooden planter in the foreground reads "Road open to" with symbols for walking, scooting, wheelchair use and cycling.

Who are Walk Ride GM?

We’re a volunteer-run network of local groups all around Greater Manchester, with the aim of making walking, wheeling and cycling easier, safer and more accessible. Because our streets are for people, and they’re for everyone.

What’s Discord?

Our Discord server is how we collaborate and coordinate: it’s a closed virtual space where Walk Ride supporters can share insights, ask questions and plan campaigns.

If you’re not keen on signing up for another app, please follow us on social media or join our mailing list.