Ian Pennington is our Walk Ride Tameside lead but we are looking for local volunteers to take over from him and help to build the group. If you are interested, contact: content@walkridegm.org.uk

The active travel officer is Michael Hughes: michael.hughes@tameside.gov.uk

Cllr Jan Jackson is the Executive Member for Planning, Transport & Connectivity: jan.jackson@tameside.gov.uk

The Executive Member for Transport & Parking is Cllr Warren Bray: warren.bray@tameside.gov.uk

Cllr Laura Boyle is the Executive Member for Climate Emergency: Contact details are here

The Executive Member for Towns and Communities is Cllr Vimal Choksi MBE: vimal.choksi@tameside.gov.uk

Cllr Eleanor Wills is the Executive Member for Population Health & Wellbeing: eleanor.wills@tameside.gov.uk

Four strategic neighbourhood forums have been set up by the council to give residents a chance to meet their local councillors and share ideas/air grievances once every three months. We would like Walk Ride members to go to these meetings and advocate for better walking and cycling infrastructure:

There’s one for North Tameside (Ashton Hurst, Ashton St Michael’s, Ashton Waterloo and St Peters)

One for East (East Dukinfield, Mossley, Stalybridge North and Stalybridge South)

One for West (Audenshaw, Denton North East, Denton South, Denton West, Droylsden East and Droylsden West)

And one for South (Hyde Godley, Hyde Newton, Hyde Werneth and Longdendale)

Details of the meetings are available via those links.


Local Walk Ride Groups:

Walk Ride Denton is currently not active. If you would like to get involved with restarting activities in the area (or anywhere else in Tameside), please contact us via email on content@walkridegm.org.uk.