20mph Default Speed Limit

There is already a national campaign that’s driving forward the 20’s Plenty message.

This has made progress – including in the more forward-thinking London Boroughs – but in many areas across Greater Manchester 20mph is still not the default unless local residents petition their council.

This year, we’ll be applying pressure to the decision-makers to help to create more liveable, safe and active places.

To get involved and join the conversation, please head to the #20splentyin2020 channel on our Slack page.

This webinar by Landor Links is a great place to start:

Dr Ian Walker sums up the opposing standpoints very well: “Maybe what people are really saying when they trot out these received wisdom excuses for not changing to a 20mph system is: ‘Please stop challenging a world-view that I have absorbed without question, especially when it gives me an advantage over other people’.”