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Review: Destination Bee Network

On Tuesday 31 January, Walk Ride Greater Manchester hosted a Q&A session with Mayor Andy Burnham, Active Travel Commissioner Dame Sarah Storey, and Transport Commissioner Vernon Everitt, followed by a Walk Ride GM campaign update.

Introduced by Claire and chaired by Helen, the event attracted a sell-out crowd, with standing room only in the venue and viewers also tuning in via our live stream (see below).

After we’d set out our own successes of 2022, Dame Sarah Storey set out her goals for 2023:

Andy Burnham promised to pilot bicycles on trams by the end of 2023:

Andy Burnham says we’re in a transition period at the moment:

We asked a key question to the mayor, who won every single ward in the Greater Manchester region at the last election, and has a huge mandate to enact his manifesto – including Bee Network pledges:

Dame Sarah Storey is keen to see school streets at the heart of active neighbourhoods:

On the watered down Clean Air Zone, Burnham sees 2025 – when the bus network will be fully under TfGM control – as the time to use sticks like a Workplace Parking Levy, and not just futile carrots.

Other topics covered include Visions Zero, roadspace reallocation, enforcement against poor driver behaviour, and the removal of inaccessible barriers. You can watch the event in full here:

Many thanks to Bruntwood for use of their venue at Circle Square, and the support throughout the evening.

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