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Get Involved With the Brand New Annual Walk Ride GM Awards

Slowly but surely, steps are being taken across Greater Manchester to help make walking and cycling safer, easier and more attractive. And now, we’re aiming to support, champion, and encourage the best bits: Announcing…

The Annual Walk Ride GM Awards

Let’s celebrate the positive movement that’s happening en route to a connected network, highlight the successes across the area, and encourage more schemes across the whole region.

In December 2022, we’ll be hosting an awards ceremony for the best new designs, facilities, and infrastructure that gives us – the residents of Greater Manchester – the best walking and riding experience. And we need your help…

Has your local shop or council installed some good quality, secure stands for parking bicycles and tricycles?

Has a junction been improved to make it easier to cross a busy road?

Has a community secured School Street status for their school?

Where’s the best new protected cycle lane in Greater Manchester?

Whatever it is, if it’s making your journeys easier, safer, and more convenient, then enter it into the competition by contacting Rob from Walk Ride Altrincham via Please tell us:

  • What it is
  • Where it is
  • Why it’s good
  • How it’s helped you
  • And attach a photograph, if possible

We’ll review the nominations and announce the winners in each category at the end of the year.

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