Website brief: opportunity to create new website for climate action community project

About ‘Our Streets Chorlton’

We are entering the delivery phase of a one-year community-led, National Lottery funded scheme set up by the Chorlton Climate Action Partnership (CCAP) to help create positive change to help reduce the need and desire to use a car, making the neighbourhood safer, greener, less polluted and congested. 


The scheme will include three mini projects focused on; the school run, a business street and a residential street – and look at how active travel can assist people to move away from cars especially for shorter journeys. 


The goal is to decrease carbon emissions through positive actions and measure outcomes of the projects so we can learn valuable lessons about our community and how to move forward together. 


This project is supported by the National Lottery Climate Action Fund, using money raised by National Lottery players. Thanks to them, the Lottery is able to distribute £600 million to good causes such as charities, community and voluntary groups, every year.


Target Users


We have a broad-reaching end user; the community of Chorlton – with varying levels of digital skills; our stakeholders include residents, traders, schools, community groups and people who use Chorlton* a little or a lot for work, rest or play.  

(*includes Chorlton and Chorlton Park electoral wards)


So we are looking for a website that keeps people interested, motivated and checking in – using the friendly, visual identity we have created for the project. Even more important during Covid 19 restrictions to make a site which is accessible to most people. 


We want it to capture the imagination of users so that they feel they want to share regular updates (news and events) to their own community networks (easily on social platforms) 


The website will be a place they can keep going back to either read with interest and ease or participate in and share from.


Look & Feel


We require a simple, conversational, user friendly information portal that has a visual (photos and branding) appeal, that is text-light and is easy to read,explore and dwell on. 


It should reflect the branding of ‘Our Streets Chorlton’ through the ‘find out more…’ journey, clicking on bitesize content on the homepage. 


It exists to help create a timeline/journey of the 12 month project so latest news first is a priority. 


The site should be able to be used as both an archive of the project and to build upon with the development of the project. 


Technical Features & Requirements 

Some feature suggestions: 


  • Latest News/Features Stories – Carousel Homepage – maybe…
  • It needs to feature a strong presence/ link (different tab) on all pages to our ‘engagement tool’ website  – perhaps on the side bar of each static page and prominently on the home page. 
  • mobile responsive
  • accessible
  • Static project tile/boxes on the homepage for areas;i.e  Business/Residential/School with scope to add more as project develops.
  • Translate function (Chrome extension?)
  • Pref wordpress back end – drag and drop blog function would be nice.
  • Some form of SEO tracker  – yoast etc to maximise reach
  • Events plug in
  • Social Media integration – Twitter/Spotify
  • Mailchimp Integration – detailed form. 
  • dynamic content


Additional idea/not fundamental:

  •  ‘Ideas Bank’ integration/function pulled through onto the homepage? – looking for a plug in which allows a ‘pool/forum’ for ideas for people to share and then support/add to and interact – is there anything out there that doesn’t require customisation?


In-house requirements

Content: We will provide the site with static content and guide on top navigation preferences/pages. 

Host: We have it hosted already, if we require an upgrade of our hosting to support the build, that is fine, discuss with WalkRide GM project coordinator.

Access: Easily accessible and editable for users in the back end.  

Build: Ensuring the site in build/test phase is masked with an under construction/mailchimp form on a landing page.

Handover sheet: A short ‘how to use/update’ guide



We have a short turnaround time and are happy to communicate on a daily basis to get it over the line with our chosen supplier. Our timescales for commission decision and website delivery are: 

  • Thur 13th Jan – issue brief
  • 5pm, Wed 20th Jan – receive responses
  • Thurs 21st Jan – award commission
  • 10th Feb – site ready for testing/snag checks 
  • 15th Feb – soft launch date




2K is our budget to cover website designer fees.  


We appreciate there is a tight turnaround and deadline to this build and a modest budget so we    can additionally cover basic costs of an advanced customisable template if required ( agreed in advance with Walk Ride GM project coordinator)


We can also consider additional ‘added value’ software plugins (subscription based or paid for upgrades) which benefit the usability of the site as agreed with the Walk Ride GM project coordinator. Please respond with any additional requirements you anticipate within your expression of interest and approach to build.


If further website design is required beyond the agreed scope of delivering this brief above, these can be discussed and agreed on an additional day rate to be agreed with the ‘our streets’ project coordinator in advance of proceeding with the works. (formally agreed in writing by email with both parties.)


Expressions of Interest


If you are interested in this commission please respond with the following:

  • Two to three examples of previous work
  • A quote – including proposed breakdown of days needed for our work (and cost per day) and your approach to build.
  • We are actively seeking to commission a website designer from the local community of Chorlton and surrounds as part of our ‘local first procurement policy. Please let us know how you and your work relate and respond to the area.

You can read a more detailed background briefing on our project here.


Please send your expression of interest along with your working/budget proposal by email to no later than Wednesday 20th January, 5pm. 


Acceptance of Brief


An agreement to proceed with the commission will be in the form of an email from WalkRide GM project coordinator confirming acceptance of the brief and agreement of budget. 


Payment will be within seven working days of the completion of website/handover of assets with an invoice submitted by email, made out to Walk Ride GM CIC



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