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Tameside’s Quiet Streets Initiative Helps Residents Reclaim Space During COVID-19

Residents of Tameside are being encouraged by the council to apply for Quiet Streets in their neighbourhood.

Tameside Council recently launched its Quiet Streets initiative to give residents the opportunity to enforce regular, temporary road closures to create more outside space for people living on the street, allowing people to use the street for exercise.

The council website states that, “Quiet Streets are a place for skipping, jumping, cycling and scooting, a place where everyone living on the street can be safe and enjoy being outside. They are a resident-led initiative designed to allow residents to reclaim their streets and provide additional safe space for people to socially distance outside.”

Quiet Streets are endorsed by NHS Tameside and Glossop, and designed to be able to help residents adhere to the current COVID-19 guidance by creating additional space to help people maintain social distancing.

The council suggests the temporary road closure is enforced for several hours at a time to give all households the opportunity to use the road while adhering to the current guidelines for meeting people outside.

The Quiet Streets initiative is described by Nicola Burrough from Tameside Council in this video webinar.

For more information, view the Quiet Street Guide here.

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