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Hundreds of People Form ‘Human Bike Lanes’ Along the A6

More than 150 people lined up alongside the A6 in Levenshulme on Saturday 27 June to form ‘human cycle lanes’, with everyone observing social distancing rules and most wearing masks.

The aim was to call on Manchester City Council to address the lack of provision for walking and cycling in the Levenshulme area and beyond. This lack of provision is despite instruction by the Government to install safe, direct pop-up cycleways to enable key workers to continue to access workplaces, particularly those who do not own a car and who rely on the significantly restricted public transport options, which are running at only 10% capacity.

Participants clapped and rang their bicycle bells to draw attention to the protest, and made placards, banners and signs, including slogans like ‘I need my clean air fix on the A6’, ‘More bike lanes will fix the A6’, and ‘Please give me space’.

The protest was scheduled for 12pm to 12.30, but despite a few downpours of rain, everyone stayed for much longer, until 1pm and beyond.

Here is a collection of the videos and photographs by attendees to document the event:

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