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News Digest: Magnificent Seven on 21st May

Words by Claire Stocks.

A lot of good things that happened in Greater Manchester today. Here’s my β€˜Magnificent Seven’ walking and cycling leaderboard…


1. Levenshulme Active Neighbourhood

Levenshulme in Manchester has revealed plans for massive traffic-calmed neighbourhood with 27 filters for those on foot and bike / no cars and three bus gates – all fast forwarded due to COVID-19.


Levy Bee Network filtered neighbourhoods

2. A56 pop-up bike lane

Trafford announced the first major pop-up bike lane in Greater Manchester – a seven-mile lane taken from cars for bikes and pedestrians on the A56 – plus public engagement on further measures!


10 bonus points for Trafford: People in the borough are asked to make more suggestions here.

3. Cycle Hire Scheme

GMCA announced a new β€˜docked’ bike hire scheme for GM next year – including some electric bikes!


4. TfGM Active Travel Survey

TfGM put out a survey to ask what people need to be able to carry on walking and cycling more (and what we would oppose!)


5. Chorlton #SafeStreetsSaveLives

#SafeStreetsSaveLives campaign to push for more (or any!) temporary measures in the cycling capital of Manchester – and more than 100 people add their name in first few hours.


Chorlton engagement statement

6. #SafeStreetsSaveLives Maps

Another council in Greater Manchester asked for help from WalkRide Greater Manchester in engaging with public on where to put temporary measures for walking and cycling.


Meanwhile, maps are now live in the following boroughs:






7. Quick win in Salford!

Salford City Council’s Highways team took less than 24 hours to move concrete blocks laid in error on wrong side of a bike lane


Teamwork, community engagement and behind-the-scenes graft were at the heart of every one of these.

More to come, we hope! But will there ever be a day like it?

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