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Bolton Future High Streets Consultation

This weekend is the last chance to respond to four consultations that have the potential to positively shape the high streets through Horwich, Little Lever, Westhoughton and Farnworth.

The masterplanning consultants appointed by Bolton Council have created a design proposal for each of the four high streets in order to revive interest among people to visit their local shops.

A key aspect of this task is to enable active travel options and discourage car use for those who don’t need to use one. It could be an important step towards championing traffic-free town centres.


How can you help?

You can help to champion sustainable living environments by talking with any friends who live in or near the four towns about the benefits of active travel for getting to the local shops.

The more responses from local people to the consultation who agree with the DfT survey data that shows a “large majority in favour of reducing the use of motor vehicles“, the better the opportunity to influence a positive design that can improve each area.

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