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Urmston Bee Network Launch Attracts Huge Turnout

Urmston Bee Network’s consultation event to engage local people with the process towards its Active Neighbourhood area plan was met with a huge turnout on 23 January.

Videos posted on Twitter showed people queuing through the door to be a party to the area’s vision for an active travel-led future.

The event was advertised by signs on lampposts and paint on the pavements, and locals responded in their droves to the promise of a budget to spend on improving the living and movement environment in Urmston by preventing rat running and prioritising the walking and cycling experience for all people.

Urmston’s successful bid for Mayor’s Challenge Fund Bee Network funding was announced as part of Tranche 5 in 2019, with £11.5 million allocated to be spent on the project.

Responses are encouraged to identify key areas that require design solutions, and can be submitted via the Commonplace website.

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